One Life is a ministry of Westside Family Church, dedicated to caring for orphans and the most vulnerable children in our global community.

Our effectiveness is based on a network of relationships and organizations in the US and overseas. Our partners have proven track records as recognized community leaders and respected child advocates. By partnering with proven local child advocates on the ground, One Life can impact the personal wellbeing of children in every facet of their lives through loving relationships.

These vulnerable children face challenges every day:
  • Extreme poverty: Over 11 million children die from starvation every year.  Countless underweight survivors often suffer from cognitive deficits stemming from chronic malnutrition.
  • Homelessness: 200 million children live or work on the streets, trying to survive in a cruel, adult world.
  • Exploitation: Currently, an estimated 1 million children have been trafficked into the child sex trade. Others are captured into forced labor.
  • HIV/AIDS: There are over 15 million children orphaned by AIDS; without parents and adult advocates, children are raising their younger siblings and are at great risk.

You can become part of helping a child in great need. One child at a time, one life at a time, we can partner to make a real difference. God can use you in this very practical, and profound way to share His love with a child. With your help, we can assist AIDS orphans living in the townships and rural villages of South Africa, child laborers living in the slums of India and children who have been abused and trafficked in Thailand and Laos.

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