How does sponsorsHIp work?

You make the commitment to help a child by donating $38.00 per month. We match your gift with a vulnerable child who is ready for assistance. You are connected with that child until the child graduates from the program or contact us to discontinue your sponsorship. You will receive annual updates, letters, and photos from your child.  

where does my money go?

Your money is wired directly to our partners in South Africa, Thailand, Southeast Asia, and India. Those funds are supervised and provided to our Child Sponsor Advocates who oversee the provision of food, payment of school fees, and medical care when needed.

How are the children selected into the program?


Our sponsorship partners are trusted and respected child advocates. They are well-known in their communities and are in the best position to identify local children with the most urgent needs.  

What benefits will my child receive?

Your sponsored child's daily needs will be met including food, clothing and shelter. Your child will also receive assistance with education including daily tutoring. Basic health care, daily spiritual development, sense of a family, and the development of personal independence are all a part of the sponsorship program. There will also be additional opportunities for discipleship, mentoring, sustainable agriculture training, recreation & sports ministry and life-skills training.

Our program is built upon solid relationships with child advocates on the front lines. We trust and rely on our partners in the local communities to verify that each child directly benefits from your sponsorship. You will receive an annual update on your sponsored child.

Who is my Child's advocate?

How do I communicate with my sponsored child?

You are welcome to write your child on a regular basis. We encourage you to do so because your spiritual support is the most important support of all. Getting to know your child through correspondence can be one of the greatest joys of child sponsorship. Through this correspondence, you can communicate to your sponsored child the value and potential that God has given them. Your love and encouragement in a letter can have a lasting impact on the life or your sponsored child.

Can I send my child a gift?

We discourage sponsors from sending gifts to their sponsored children. Many of the sponsored children live in homes with other sponsored children. We want to minimize the possibility of any child feeling left out. Instead of personal gifts, we encourage you to contribute to our Gift Fund. That way, all of the children in the specific home may benefit as One Life uses this fund to buy gifts for each child for Christmas and Birthdays.