Upon arriving, one can sense the rhythm of Africa—

her people singing their life songs in spectacular harmony. The African sun sets on a land that is filled with remarkable culture in this country that is home to 11 official languages...

South Africa is a country of contrasts —rich in culture, where rich and poor live side by side…where its wealth of natural resources has a short arm and benefits only the privileged. The majority of South Africa's people live outside the reach of good education, medical care, adequate housing and opportunities to earn a living. The AIDS epidemic has wreaked havoc in townships and villages leaving an estimated 1.8 million children orphaned. Many of these children are heading up households where the oldest child, sometimes just 9 years old, is solely responsible for the care of their siblings. Until these children are sponsored, their main concern is finding their next meal. Government regulations require that children wear [cost prohibitive] uniforms to attend school, so the majority of these children have no hope of ever receiving an education. 

Your One Life sponsorship is for these children —the toddlers that will never know the comfort of their mother's arms…the children living alone in shacks wondering where their next meal is coming from…the teenagers on the streets hoping for a chance to become somebody. Your sponsorship will enable these beautiful children to live their lives filled with hope that comes from knowing somebody cares enough to provide their most basic needs.