Thailand is an eclectic mix of the modern West and the mysterious East.

It has a democratic government, her masses are educated and her cities are modern. On the same city street one can eat a burger at McDonalds while watching Buddhist monks make their way on foot to their gold-leafed temples...

Exhaust fumes from the heavy traffic threatens to choke you at major intersections where pedestrians have to dodge bicycles, buses and BMW's. Just one block away one is surprised to discover lush banana and teak trees lining the sidewalk, suppressing both the noise and the fumes. Enter a busy downtown restaurant serving delicious pad thai and exit the back door to find yourself in the middle of a squatter slum where thousands of Burmese refugees are living on empty stomachs. Their only water source a noxious, stagnant creek breeding disease below their makeshift homes built on teetering bamboo. By day, the city is like any other but when the sun goes down and darkness settles, the streets become an insidious tangle of child prostitution and child labor. Store fronts hide the brokenness and desperation of young girls that have been coerced into the sex trade. Busy intersections play host to young boys forced into selling flowers with all the profits going to their pimps. Teenage girls, sold unwittingly to traffickers—because their parents can't afford to feed them, are trapped in a never ending cycle of one night stands with aging western men.

Our One Life sponsored children in Thailand are kids that are at high risk for exploitation in both the child labor and sex trafficking industries. Many of our girls are orphaned, HIV + and emotionally scarred. Your sponsorship takes these children off the streets and puts them in a safe home where they receive emotional support, an education and a chance to discover their value and worth through their Creator.